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I QUILT ALL QUILTS OF MANY SHAPES AND SIZES ... and they all turn out beautifully, however these guidelines are helpful for best results.

Trim all loose threads from the back of quilt, (dark thread may show through light fabric)

Trim threads poking up through to the top of the quilt


DO NOT baste the three layers together

Make sure all seams are well pressed

Quilt backing only - press the seams open to reduce bulk

Remove all selvedges on backing seams (they shrink at a different rate) You do not have to remove selvedges at the side edges of the backing, only if in a seam. (Quilt backing only)

If supplying your own backing this must be approximately 6-8" wider and longer than your quilt top

If supplying your own wadding this must be approximately 6-8 inches wider and longer than your quilt top

If your backing and wadding is alot larger than your quilt top, I will cut it down to size as needed, all offcuts returned to customer.

Note that the quilting process will shrink the quilt slightly from its original unquilted size

If you have pieced outer borders on your quilt top, it is a good idea to stay stitch approximately 1/8th inch from the edge around your quilt which will help to avoid any stitches coming undone.

I will press the backing and the quilt top prior to quilting as a standard practice for best results.

Dont worry if you have not done all of the above,  all quilts can be quilted

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