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More about me ....... 

I have always sewn and knitted from when I was a little girl, and my first sewing machine was bought as a Christmas present from my parents when I was ten years old. I still own this lovely Jones hand cranked machine and will never sell it because it is part of my childhood. The feeling of excitement coming downstairs on Christmas morning and opening such a wonderful present forms part of my happy childhood memories.

I started to make lots of dolls clothes for my Sindy dolls, and then moved on to make clothes for myself, followed by curtains, cushions and home interiors over the years. However, it wasn't until I discovered patchwork and quilting that I truly knew what addiction was and have been quilting ever since. I am constantly feeding this passion, learning new methods of patchworking and quilting of which there are so many different methods and techniques, I am constantly learning new skills. I have now been patchwork and quilting for about 22 years now, and now teach on occasion basic patchwork skills and host the occasional workshop at my studio.

I love the look and effect of hand quilting, but quickly discovered that it wasn' t for me, I was too slow to keep up with my need to make more quilts using different methods and design. So I began to quilt on my domestic sewing machine, but in time became bored with quilting in straight lines and moved onto free motion quilting. Although I was happy quilting smaller quilts in this way, the larger quilts were more difficult to manoevure under my sewing machine and although I continued to quilt this way for a while, I very quickly needed more ! Although I never dreamed at that stage that I would end up owning a longarm quilting machine.


After serious consideration back in 2009, I decided to buy my first Longarm which was an APQS Lenni which I loved getting to know and learned how to become a Longarm quilter. I am now a full time professional quilter and I love dedicating my time to the quilting of my customers quilts.  This I have since sold.

In 2013 I added a 26" APQS Lucey to the business, which I have since sold and moved onto Innova.

In 2016 I added a 22" ABM Innova freehand machine to my studio.

In July 2020 I completely converted over to my favourite brand Innova and sold my APQS Lucey, now I have an Innova M24 with Autopilot Mach3 as my latest top of the line machine. I also became the UK Innova dealer at this time. My husband Ian a service engineer is also my partner in this venture and helps me with delivery installations and setups.


I added an Innova M20 in 2021. 

August 2015 was a very special month, when I won 1st in Traditional quilts at The Festival of Quilts and also won Best in show too !! with my first entry "Kaleidoscope”

Following that time I have won a 1st prize in 2016 in the two person category with a quilt that was pieced by my customer Mary Telford and in 2017 I won a 3rd prize in the Traditional category with my quilt The Ombre Lily Pond, which also won a 2nd prize at MQX (Machine quilting exposition) in America. What a joy. A few ribbons proudly hang in my studio.

I think for a time my competition days are somewhat limited as I dedicate my time to my business and quilting my customers beautiful quilts.

A website can only show a snippet of what my business is all about, so please book an appointment to come discuss your quilting needs.

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