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Loops and daisies

Loops and Daisies

This sweet little quilt was made by Pippa and is a lovely baby quilt.  I quilted it with a pastel variegated thread, which looks great on the white background.  Pippa chose the thread and the "Loops and Daisies" design.

This is actually quite a tricky design to master with a hand guided machine, due to the perfect circles in the centre of the daisies which you have to slow down to master...  it turned out beautifully, I love the happy colours in this quilt.

Loops and daisies.....

This sampler quilt was made by my customer Mary, and she wanted quite a dense quilting design over her quilt.  So she chose "loops and daisies" along with a blending coloured thread.  It is a pretty design and stitched out great.
The circles in the centre of the flowers are not even a half inch accross to give you some idea of scale.
If you click on the photographs, you should be able to see a larger version.
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