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Following on from my previous post, I washed my tumbler block quilt to make it less stiff, and to my delight I finally have a wrinkled antiqued looking quilt (well except for the modern fabrics !!! LOL) and it is so much softer now.
I actually used a 50/50 cotton/polyester wadding, which I had chosen as I did not want to put much expense into this quilt such as cotton/bamboo which I had used on my previous quilt.  I have to say though that I am very pleased with the overall effect.  I think it is the wadding that gave this effect.  I only washed at 30 degress, of course the fabrics could have some effect on it too, as I never pre wash anything.  I like to work with new fabrics and have never had any bad effects as yet.  
What do you think??  I think you either love or hate the effect.
I am not sure if the photographs really show what I mean, but the difference between pre washed and washed on this particular quilt shows a definite difference when you see it up close.  I am not sure I would want this to happen to all of my quilts, and probably would not be able to achieve it on purpose.  I think it is also the close quilting which creates this result. 
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