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Maggies Bubbles

This is one of my favourite colour combinations for a quilt, white, red and turquoise.  I just love that fresh new feel.

My customer Maggie pieced this quilt, and asked for the Bubbles design, and a turquoise thread.  Such a lovely girly quilt.

Helens Bubbles

This lovely (and huge) quilt was made by my customer Helen, and I quilted it with the "Bubbles" design.  This has turned out lovely.  It has a very warm flannel as a backing fabric.  Helen also made a couple of cushion covers, and as there was plenty of backing fabric I also quilted the cushion covers for her on the longarm machine,  at the end of her project.

It seems like a long time since I blogged, things easily get neglected when you are super busy. 


I recently purchased some 30's playtime layer cakes and this quilt is made with one layer cake, and some solid cream fabric.  I bought a twister tool from the Duxford show last year and found some time to try it out back in September..  this must have been the fastest ever quilt that I have pieced and quilted from start to finish...  and it was so much fun.

I probably should have quilted a fairly traditional floral design over this quilt, being 1930's repro fabrics, but as I had inherited a few new panto designs along with Lucey, then I thought I would try out the one I felt looked pretty fun ...  "Bubbles"  and it does look alot of fun now its quilted ...  I chose the most blending thread I could in a  silvery beige..

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