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I have a new niece....

Congratulations to my sister Sally who has had her baby girl last night....  a big one too at 8 pounds 5 !!!  

I have to crack on with this.....  I started this a few weekends back now for my sisters little girl, but have been side tracked ever since....  we live a distance apart (worst luck) as it would be lovely to just pop over to see her and her new baby....   I will get this finished before we meet our new niece..  I've only had nine months !!!!

Alfresco friendship braid

This lovely quilt was made by a new quilter and this is her second quilt,  friendship braid quilts are difficult to master for a beginner due to lots of bias stretch, but Jo has made an excellent job of making this quilt for her daughter.  I have quilted it with the Alfresco design and a cream/pearl coloured thread.

It is such a fresh lovely quilt and as it looks so great on my bed I really must make myself another friendship braid quilt...  the one I already have made is in very dark colours and would look great in some brighter fabrics...


Frisky feathers

These two lovely quilts were collected today by my customer Angelika, and were beautifully made as always.  I love her choice of fabrics, which she tells me were mainly from her stash of leftover scraps...  its great when you can combine the leftovers with some background fabrics to make a great sized quilt.  I have quilted "Happy times" on one of them with lime green thread, and "Frisky feathers" on the other with mint green thread.

When I am so busy, I have often not found the time to photograph properly in better lighting as the light is so bright in my studio it does not take great photographs...  so apologies for the poor quality and no close ups of the quilting this time...

Angelikas friend also came at the same time to collect her quilt, but I completely forgot to take any photographs of that one, which is a shame because it was a lovely purple and blue friendship braid quilt with the poppies design quilted on it,...  


This lovely fresh coloured quilt was made by Annie, and she chose the "poppies" design, and a sandy gold coloured thread.  It looks very pretty, I love the fabrics in this quilt too, some dusky mauves and pinks really look great with the yellows and greens. 

I love seeing what other quilters come up with colourwise,  actually I think I made a mistake with a colour choice on a personal project, and the quilt I have been piecing is turning out to be way too green (which isn't even actually my colour !!! )  it was just the only solid colour fabric I had to hand in two shades of a similar colour which is what the pattern called for...  maybe I can add some different colour quilting theads when I finally get around to quilting it in the future, although I fear it may sit for a long time in my UFO pile....  LOL..  I am sure it will look a whole lot different once quilted.

Actually the whole process of making this one has been disappointing, as the pattern from one of my longarm quilting idols in the states, was a bit sparce on instructions I felt,  the fabric requirements were wrong, and the diagrams misleading, leading to a couple of mistakes early on, but now I have adapted it and ironed out the pitfalls and square up etc, I will probably make another one in the future - but not green !!!

Field of Hearts

This lovely quilt has been made by my customer Patricia and she chose a white thread with the Field of hearts design.  Such a sweet little baby quilt too.  with some lovely appliqued hearts.

As you may notice too, I have finally managed to work out how to attach a watermark with my copyright to my photos....  something I have been wanting to get done for a while now...  it was easy in the end via photoshop, and you can choose multiple photographs at once to process and attach the watermark which saves some time, I was thinking I would have to physically type over every photograph... I am not really that computer savvy !!!

A new member of the family

Don't worry, I'm not going to announce that I am expecting....  those days are gone forever.....

This is Terry our tortoise which we bought a few weeks ago now...  he is so cute..  I can't quite believe I am saying that about a tortoise, but he has really grown on me, and he is so docile and lets me tickle him under his chin and on top of his head...  he is just too cute....

Irenes Friendship Braid

This pretty quilt was made by Irene to be raffled for a local charity.

It is a gorgeous friendship braid quilt, beautifully made, and well behaved on the frame....

I quilted it with Hearts n Roses with a pale silver thread, which has blended in over those pinks greens and creams...  with lovely results.

A gorgeous Irish chain

This fantastic Irish chain quilt has been designed by Lynne Edwards and made by one of her students Dawna.  She chose to have it custom quilted because she feels that this is her best work to date and wanted it to have some special treatment.  I agree with her as it was fabulously pieced, and was a pleasure to work with.  

So I tried to compliment this quilt with the quilting designs that I chose to use on the quilt.   Dawna agreed that she liked feathers and that they would suit the quilt, so I started with feathers, swirls and curved crosshatching in the borders.  Followed by feathers curving around the main blocks in a feathered wreath effect, thereby enhancing the circular movement naturally present in the quilt blocks, and I quilted freehand flowers in the white square blocks and continuous curves in the white and purple "chains" surrounding the blocks.

This is all completely freehand quilted with the curved lines of the feather spines and the curved crosshatching being aided with the use of curved and circular rulers and my machine hand guided against them.   Ruler work is hard on the fingers though ....   so I am glad I don't use them everyday ! 

And as I often say....  I just wish I could take a decent photograph !


Just claiming my blog on bloglovin....

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Jelly roll race quilt

This quilt was made by Karin from Quilters Haven in Wickham Market.  She has made this quilt based on a "jelly roll race" quilt and has added additional flare to the quilt with some circles too...  this has been made with the "juggling summer" fabric range by moda and I believe that she is selling kits over in her shop if you fancy making the same quilt head on over to her shop.

I longarm quilted it for her in the "vertigo" design using a copper thread to blend across the lovely bright colours in the quilt. 

Kaitlins cosy quilt.....

This lovely quilt was made by a young new quilter Kaitlin who is only 18...  it was perfectly square and she made a perfect job on her first quilt.  This was made with her old clothes including dresses and pajamas and she had left some pockets from various dresses in place too...

She wanted a very simple large loopy meander which I quilted freehand so that I could avoid the pockets and not stitch them down so that they can still be used...  I stitched around the pockets just to define them better.

She also chose a pale grey backing fabric from my stock and it matches great.    I attached a lime green binding too ready for her to stitch down on the reverse..  I bet she is nice and warm sleeping under her quilt now too....

Well done Kaitlin and I hope that your brothers quilt is coming along nicely too.

Custom pebbles and curved crosshatching

This lovely quilt includes one of my favourite colours - teal blue, and was made by my customer Elizabeth.  She asked me to custom quilt it for her and with teh contrasts in colours this worked better than an allover on this occasion I feel.

She wanted it to have a fairly modern feel to it, so no feathers for this one...  so after some discussion with Elizabeth and her husband, I have quilted it with pebbles, curved crosshatching, and back and forth lines in the star blocks...  and some bead board in the outer borders, and also some straight line quilting in the sashings filled in with pebbles in a channel...  I think it has turned out great...  I love the back too and as I use the same colours in the bobbin as when I change out the colours in the top, the back has a multi coloured effect.

Butterfly garden

Another lovely quilt from Mary, she chose "Butterfly garden" which is a small scale design, which worked perfectly on this small quilt.

I used a "slate grey" which works well on navy with other colours, blending pretty well over the quilt.

If you click on each photograph you can see a larger view.

Joyces Hearts n Roses

Joyce made this gorgeous quilt and I love the muted colours of this quilt, I love getting to see so many different colour combinations in my customer quilts.

Joyce made an excellent job of making this sampler style quilt and she tells me that she is fairly new to patchworking.   She chose a sand coloured thread which blends beautifully, and she chose the Hearts n Roses design, a lovely soft open design.

And once this is finished and bound it will look even better...  Happy 60th birthday too for the recipient of this quilt.

Marys 3 dimensional flower quilt

This gorgeous quilt is a lovely folded patchwork piece with dresden plates making up the big flower blocks.

An allover design was not really a good choice for this quilt mainly due to the 3 dimensional centres of each flower, and Mary decided that she didn't want the flowers to be heavily quilted on.  Therefore I have simply outlined the flowers and the centre folded patchwork with a barely visible thread (light tan) which makes the centres more defined by stitching back the background slightly.  The centre of each flower has a simple "terry twist" quilted freehand which again brings up the 3D elements of the flowers.

The areas between the flowers was an odd shape to come up with something to fill, and as the feel of the quilting was quite open I quilted a largeish flower motif.  I used a tiny circle ruler to guide me with quilting the circle (there is no way I can freehand a perfect circle !!!)  and freehand quilted the petals and stems of each pansy style flower.

The feather swirl borders were also completely freehand (no marking) and again keeping it fairly large and open.  The pattern of the fabric and the choice of thread colour keeps it a subtle result and very textural.

I was really pleased with the overall result and Mary was too.... 

Thanks Mary for letting me work on your lovely quilt.  It was alot of fun to quilt.

Cars and Chevrons....

This lovely boys quilt was made my Sophie and this is only her second quilt.  She made a great job and has made a lovely modern quilt for her sons birthday.

She specifially requested chevrons, which was not really in my design list, but I remembered that I had some crosshatch boards which I adapted to only quilt out the chevron shapes....   it has turned out very simple and effective, which is exactly what Sophie was looking for....

I hope your little boys chicken pox has cleared up now Sophie....  poor little boy just in time for his birthday too...  I hope he loves his lovely car quilt.

Test pieces....

Quite often my table moves out of level, and I notice this quite quickly because it really affects the balance and performance of my machine.  Temperature changes I think affect it the most being a steel table.  So on occasion when adjusting my table I load on a small test piece to check the balance and feel of my machine, and pebbles and swirls are a perfect test for this....  so I ended up with a few pieces of these small quilted pieces which I have turned into a variety of storage bags, and a cover for my diary....

Loops and Daisies

This sweet little quilt was made by Pippa and is a lovely baby quilt.  I quilted it with a pastel variegated thread, which looks great on the white background.  Pippa chose the thread and the "Loops and Daisies" design.

This is actually quite a tricky design to master with a hand guided machine, due to the perfect circles in the centre of the daisies which you have to slow down to master...  it turned out beautifully, I love the happy colours in this quilt.


We had a lovely holiday the week before last in our campervan.  We took the boys up to Alton Towers for a few days.  I didn't ride the rides though due to my back issues, but they had a great time.  Except for it being very cold and wet!  Sam didn't let this affect his happy mood though....

Luckily we did get a little sunshine when we stopped over at Cambridge on the way up, and again at Ferry Meadows on the way back.  Ben enjoyed a bit of sunbathing.....

I lost a couple of days whilst at Ferry Meadows though later in the week with sickness, which was no fun at all in a campervan....  I think I may have made the mistake of mixing cough medicine with my painkillers that I have to take for my back, which I think caused some reaction, as none of my family were ill which would normally be the case with a bug....

I even found time one evening to make a few hexagons....  but that was all I managed this holiday..

Marions quilts

These two lovely quilts were made by Marion, and were made in sewing classes with Elaine at Sew Creative in Bury St Edmunds.  There are some wonderful classes being taught there.

This one is a gorgeous friendship braid quilt which I absolutely love in purples, the shading and gradations are perfect.

Marion chose "Debs Swirls" design and I quilted it with a coffee coloured thread blending beautifully.

The worst day to wear a red jumper ....

I really am not complaining as it was lovely to work with silk, but at the same time it wasn't as the fibres just flew all over the place - mainly onto me, and was very itchy....  the worst possible day to wear a dark red jumper.... LOL  ....  (ignore the unflattering angle!!!!)   the quilt results were worth the itching though as it quilted up just beautifully, and the silk wadding is light and lofty. 

The quilt was made by my customer Katie, and she chose the Hearts n Roses design and a buttercup yellow thread.  It was my first time quilting on silk and luckily it didn't present any problems at all.   (well except for the itching....)

The centre is an embroidered silk panel, surrounded by some gorgeous solid colours...  love that purple...

Jennys swirling leaves

This lovely quilt was made by Jenny, and I quilted it with the "swirling leaves" design using a copper thread which always works very well with autumn shades of a quilt.  This design is very free flowing and is a fairly open design which gives a nice drape to the quilt.  With a Hobbs 80/20 wadding it also gives a lovely quilting definition. 

I supplied the lovely backing fabric which has a small vine/leaf design running through the tonal fabric, which we felt was a good match to the quilt top.  I have a range of colours of this design in stock now in the 108" wide. 


My website host is normally pretty good at siphoning out the spammers so that they don't appear here, but lately there have been more and more comments left on my blog from spammers ranging from fake watches, travel agencies and fake handbags etc.  Therefore in an attempt to minimise this invasion, I have now changed my blog settings so that I need to approve the comment before being posted.  Therefore if you want to leave a message on my blog, it will not appear straight away.  Instead it may take anywhere between a few minutes and a day to be seen, depending on how close I am to my email when it arrives...  LOL

I don't tend to get that many comments here anyway (SOB) so if you are following my blog but haven't left me a message before, let me know that you are watching my blog by leaving me a message sometime..

Field of hearts

"Field of hearts"  is a lovely design, and I quilted it out for my customer Pauline.   She chose a lovely bright turquoise thread to compliment the bright colours in her gorgeous girly quilt and it looks fab. 

This is the third large hexagon quilt that I have now quilted from the same group of ladies who attended the same workshop teaching the method.  I love the large scale of the design, and as you have probably noticed from my own projects, I do have a love of hexagon quilts.

Custom quilting

This absolutely perfectly pieced and appliqued quilt was made by my customer Linda, and it was a joy to quilt.  Even stitching in the ditch was easy with those perfectly pressed seams.  It does make such a difference for custom quilting jobs that the pressing is well done.  For all over quilting, it is not as important. 
I custom quilted this quilt freehand.  I alternated between pebbling and stippling in the backgrounds of each block, not only to add some variety, but to try to keep within budget timewise.  Stippling takes much less time than pebbling.  Pebbling takes quite a long time to quilt...  especially in those tight spaces and corners....  but it does give a lovely effect once done.  I love this style of quilting. 
I used circle and curved shaped rulers to outline the pattern in the outer border fabric which has created a lovely design around the border of which is more apparant on the back of the quilt.  I also used a couple of sizes of circle rulers to create the design in the inner sashings too.  The border and sashings are more busy fabrics, so not much really shows, so I kept it pretty simple.
(I apologise that my photographs are not centred, but for some reason my blog is not letting me centre them..... )

Another customer first

Another first quilt for one of my customers - Jo, who has made a wonderful job on her very first quilt.  I quilted it with Hearts N Roses, in a gorgeous jade green thread.

Don't you love Kaffe Fassett fabrics?  wonderful for her first quilt.  Her second quilt is already on its way to me which I am looking forward to seeing very soon.

Dazzle mini

After a very busy week quilting customer quilts, as I took a large quilt off the frame on Friday,  I decided to sneek in Saturday and quilt up my hexagon quilt...  I decided not to make it too big as I decided it was too busy fabrics and would have benefited from some white solid fabric thrown in somewhere.

It wasn't until I was choosing the design to be quilted over this one, that I realised just how hard it is for my customers to choose their designs.  There are so many that would have looked equally as nice on this quilt.  Being busy fabrics, not much is really going to show up in certain lights, so I decided on a textural design, and one I have not yet quilted up.  I thought that this design was going to be one that I never got to actually quilt out, being so small, most customers are put off as most people like a fairly open design, plus some of these smaller designs are slightly more expensive to get quilted, as they generally take longer to quilt.

However, this one was not too bad and flowed quite nicely over my small quilt.

Again, on choosing my thread colour, I was reminded how difficult the choice is sometimes when there are so many colours which would have looked equally as good.  I settled on "buttercup" in the end, being a yellow/gold colour which worked out well.  I couldn't decide between the yellow and a couple of shades of duck egg blue....  decisions decisions....  that being said though, I do like the finished result.

I had hoped to bind it today, but too many other things take over on a Sunday....

I chose a lovely pink backing fabric which I have just received into my stock, it is a leafy vine design, pink on pink.  I am also stocking it in lilac, navy blue, apple green, burgundy, and it is available to order in many other colours too including grey, black, yellow.  It is 108" wide width and costs £15 a metre.

Isn't the texture great?  I love it, and it is destined for my studio, a sample, and a cover for my sofa too.

I had a little backing fabric left at the end of the quilt, and I had a small piece of patchwork which I hand pieced on a holiday a few years back now...  LOL  so I decided to practice a bit of freehand swirly feathers over it, and it is going to be made up into a little case for makeup or gadgets of some kind...  it literally took 10 minutes to quilt it, it is tiny... and when I get around to binding it, it might make a great glasses case actually...

Hearts in bloom, a girls quilt

I have recently quilted "Hearts in bloom" a number of times lately.  I love this design, it is very girly and fairly close together design, it quilts up beautifully.

This one was made by a customer Anna Marie who is relatively new to patchwork, this being her second quilt made for her little daughter having made her first for her little boy a few months ago which I quilted for her too.

I love the little embroidered squares within the quilt, with lovely girly images and quotations.

A very subtle pink thread was used, so not to overpower the little embroideries.  So sweet.

China blue Santa Ana

This lovely blue and cream quilt was made a very long time ago, I am not entirely sure when, but it had been used and washed without a wadding liner for some time.  My customer was asked by a friend if she could help in bringing the quilt back to life as it was very sentimental to her.  So my customer added a border to it, fixed the quilt up, and bought it over to me for some quilting.

She chose the "Santa Ana" design, and cream thread.  She had also provided me with a flannel backing, and now the quilt is extremely cosey, and will last a few more years yet.  

I love a quilt with a bit of history.  It was hand pieced too.

I am sure that this will now be cuddled under and enjoyed once more.

This is a photo of it before it was quilted, and you can see it is a lovely quilt even before quilted.  I was asked to attach the binding to the front of the quilt (which is one of my additional services), so that my customer can hand sew the reverse

Lots of quilts to share

I have been neglecting to blog, but am so busy quilting up my customers quilts...  so I am not feeling too guilty...

I quilted this lovely bright quilt for Annie back in January.   Although a textile artist, this was her first quilt, and she made an excellent job with her quilt construction and design. 

She chose the "Dazzle" pantograph and I quilted it with a slate grey thread and Annie chose a red marble backing from my stock.  It looks fab,...  it was a large quilt, and will look scrumptious on her bed.  (or my bed.... )

This weekends work in progress

This weekend has just flown by, and these are the reasons why....

I spent Saturday morning at the studio, finishing up a customer quilt binding, and taking in another customers quilt.  

On leaving my studio, I picked up my accuquilt GO die cutting machine and a die I treated myself to this week (9" hexagon) and a bundle of fat quarters that I have been wondering what to make with for a few months now..

Honestly you would not believe how quickly this comes together, even with the dreaded "Y-Seams"  I now have a piece about 45x56 inches....  now the question is how much larger will I make it...  I am going to see how big I need it to cover my sofa at my studio, as it will make a great sample at this size...  think it may need to be a bit longer yet though...  I like to make the samples at least single bed size.

I do miss my design wall though here at home...  These fabrics are gorgeous they are Moda Gypsy girl fabrics....  I used less than half of a 34 fat quarter bundle so far (66 hexagons so far...)  Not sure if I want to use the rest up on this project yet though...  

Don't you just love how those Y seams twist around, and form their own little hexagon patch on the back....

I even managed to quickly quilt my hexagon quilt with an allover "Wandering spirals mini" pantograph, as I knew nothing much was going to show up on those fabrics....  I was right too, I used a pale grey thread to blend and also match the backing fabric I used too.  Once I get the binding on those hexagon shapes which I intend to keep, I will share some better photographs in better lighting.....

Last weekends work in progress

My husband accuses of quilting being "never ending" for me....  and from reading my posts lately it does look that way, but honestly it is not all I do.... LOL  and while you have a family of boys who like watching Top Gear and playing X Box, you do have to have a hobby !!!  otherwise in the winter and the weather is bad, it would be very easy to get bored....  So I think it was last weekend that I managed to finish up the second strip pieced quilt with the Aqua solid.

It won't get quilted for ages though.... as I want to custom quilt those solid areas... and maybe add some borders too.  So here it hangs - waiting ...

From the leftover pieces, I cut them up into a bundle of half square triangles and made two smaller pieces - now I could make them both a bit bigger and make more half square triangles, or I could make maybe a cushion or two, maybe even a bag...  who knows... but for the moment, they are just stuck up on the wall.....  waiting for inspiration to strike.  Each leftover end piece yields 3 2.75 inch and 3 1.75 inch triangles....  I have yet to sew the tiny squares together yet though, so may not be too successful yet...

Floriana purple quilt

This quilt was made by Patricia and she chose the "Floriana" design along with a bright pink/magenta thread, which blended perfectly.  I love this design too.  In fact I can't think of a design I am not keen on...  LOL and have never seen a quilt from a customer that  I have not liked.

You can see that I have alot of choice of colours of thread to choose from and I am always wanting more...

Lots to share....

This gorgeous quilt was made by my customer Phillippa from clothing fabrics and reclaimed and rewashed fabrics I believe.  I quilted it with a variegated pastel thread which is a Rainbows thread by Superior threads and I used a sand colour in the bobbin thread,  the backing was a gorgeous soft blue flannel fabric and it turned out lovely and cozy.  There are lots of clothing fabrics from family so it makes it an extra specially personal quilt. 

Phillippa chose the thread and the "Santa Ana" quilting design which is quickly becoming another of my favourite designs.

Rainbow paisley playtime

This gorgeous bright quilt was made by my customer Denise, who is a prolific piecer who I have quilted a number of quilts for this last year.  This quilt has lovely bright reds and oranges which feels very "volcanic" to me -  imagine molten lava....  well that is where my mind took me while I was quilting it at least.  I love those bright fabrics. 

Denise chose the "Paisley playtime" design and a variegated thread in primary colours.  She chose a deep red marble backing fabric with a sand colour thread on the back.   

I was pleased that the tension turned out perfectly  with the thread combination of rainbows by Superior threads on the top which can sometimes be very temperamental, and  I used Glide thread by Filtec in  my bobbin.

It turned out just fab....

Fast piecing, and fast quilting.....

I basically pieced this quilt in a couple of evenings, because  it was such a fast method to use.  Although I have used the tube method before in a previous quilt,  I originally picked up the tube technique from I think it was Eleanor Burns when I was a beginner quilter, however, I recently came across the method again from Joan Doan at the Missouri star quilt company, and I just had the urge to make a quilt using this design.   I grabbed a jelly roll by Moda called "simply colour" which I knew was nice bright colours, although it wasn't until I fully opened out the jelly roll that I discovered that the solid coloured strips were graduated in colour, which is great.  I wish I had some yardage in those colours too...  I used a natural cream (wide width backing fabric by moda actually) for the solid.... 

Basically to make the quilt you make two strip sets using jelly roll strips.  One set has solid, print, solid, the other print, solid, print.  The two 3 strip strip sets are then placed on top of each other right sides together, and you sew them together along both edges thereby creating a  long tube. 

This tube is then cut into triangles using the 45 degree angle of a square ruler along the seam line.  The triangles then miraculously open up into a square, and ta da the block is made.  Each strip set makes 6 square blocks with a bit of leftover pieces which I intend to use for a smaller project.

I have 72 blocks in this quilt making it about 66 x 75 finished size.  I was going to add borders, but as it is just a sample of the pantograph for my studio, I didn't want it to be too large.

I quilted it using a pantograph that I have not yet used, called "swirls and such" which has not been chosen by customers yet due to it looking so close together.  However, I personally like close together quilting so I thought I would give it a test.  It went surprisingly fast considering how close together it was.

It was a test piece all around, as I also tested out a new wool wadding that I have in stock that I have not quilted with before called supersoft wool by sew simple.  I have yet to test washing it, but it quilted up great... it is light yet lofty and gives a great quilting definition.  I'll keep you posted how it washes...  I also tested a thread I have not used before called Magnifico by Superior threads, which is very similar to the Glide threads that I use alot of.   It was a lovely thread to use and has a great sheen to it much like the Glide thread - they were both as good as the other I felt.

Usually my quilts that I piece at home take a long time to reach the quilting machine, but this one I wanted finished so I managed to sneak off to my studio while my family were busy and quilted it up.  I bound it from home in the evenings following...  I normally bind while the quilt is still on the longarm,  but as I had customer quilts to put back on my frame byMonday morning,  (I know I shouldn't feel guilty when I work on my own projects in my own time, but I do when I have customer quilts in the queue to be quilted)  So I took it home to attache the binding using a wider than I normally use binding.  I used a 3 inch strip rather than a 2.5 inch strip

Anyway, I like this method so much, I am already piecing another quilt using the two ranges of Art gallery fabrics I recently purchased which I cut into jelly roll strips and have mixed with an aqua solid (by moda)  I have already made all of the blocks and am now piecing them altogether this weekend when I can....  I love making quilts...  this one is going to be gorgeous colours when it all fits together.

Alfresco in pinks and creams

This gorgeous quilt was made by my customer Julie in delicate pinks and creams.  She chose the lovely Alfresco design, which is a nice rounded flower and leaves design, which is a great scale for larger quilts.

This is a gorgeous design which I believe was pieced in classes with Lynne Edwards.

Julie chose a nice cream thread and a cream moda paisley backing fabric.  With such a delicate quilt, you need a delicate coloured thread too.  I would love to see this photographed on a lovely large bed as I am sure it will look fab. 

There are only four different fabrics used in this quilt, and it looks lovely.  In fact the pale colours were difficult for me to photograph in my studio, but the one photographed at home (the bottom photo) where the light is much better shows the quilting off alot better.

Vertigo log cabins by Gail

Another busy couple of weeks - it is a pretty busy time of year, and barely any time for blogging, but will try and share some of my latest finished quilts.

My customer Gail made this wonderful log cabin quilt with some lovely reds, greens, yellows and scrappy fabrics to give a lovely country cabin feel to the quilt which I really like.  It was pieced beautifully, and I quilted it with copper thread which blended well,  and the texture of the circular spiralling vertigo design looks great too.

Art Gallery Fabrics - Modernology

Look at the scrumptious fabrics that I received this week...  "Modernology" by Art Gallery Fabrics, which I had my eye on a while back.  I have some great ideas for some future projects for this fabric.  I have a couple of 20 x fat quarter bundles also for sale in these gorgeous fabrics and a free quilt pattern too.  The quality of the cotton is fantastic...  I also have the "Floressence" range which I used in the triangle quilt a few posts back....  in fact I might mix the two range up for another quilt some time soon.   I need to make some small samples to quilt some sample pantograph designs on, so that I can show them to my customers as it helps them to decide on the quilt design for their quilts.

I have my customer Marie to thank for introducing me to Art gallery fabrics after she bought me one of her gorgeous quilts to quilt which had some art gallery fabrics and she raved about the quality and how great it was to work with.... I am so broke .... LOL

Update on my hexagon quilt

When I blogged about my hexagon quilt last week, it spurred me on to get it finished this weekend (well pieced at least) It was a pretty quick quilt to make once I get going, the blocks are fairly big.  So in my pile of quilts to be quilted it goes...  I think it may get an allover design, or maybe some freehand swirls, we'll see when the time comes how I feel at the time... LOL..  After a few days of some pretty intense custom quiltingon a customer quilt who is entering it into a show, I am looking forward now to quilting some all over pantograph designs on the next batch of quilts that I have in to be quilted,  before working on another custom quilt job.

Angelas Hearts N Roses quilts....

I recently quilted two quilts for Angela, who is a fairly new quilter.  The first one is a lovely cream flower quilt, and the hearts n Roses design suits the large cream blocks very nicely.  I chose a slightly darker than cream thread, so that it did not completely disappear in the blocks.  The photographs possibly don't show that very well.

The second quilt, is certainly my colours...  I just love the pinks and purples in the quilt.   I also like hexagon quilts having just made one for myself.  Well it is pieced, not yet quilted.  Maybe this weekend....

Anyway, Angela chose the Hearts n Roses design again for her hexagon quilt, and is gifting it to a friend.  I chose a lovely dusky purple thread, which again blends beautifully over the quilt. 

Jennys first quilt

This is Jennys first quilt, which she has made with some lovely bright modern fabrics and she has made a great job of it too.

I quilted it with an ivory coloured thread, and the Vertigo quilting design, which is also a nice modern design which breaks up the square blocks nicely.    I also added the red binding for her too. 

Mama said sew hexagons WIP

After a stressful January, I thought I would take some therapeutic time for me, and spent some time the last few weekends working on my own projects.  I very quickly cut and pieced the hexagon quilt using a lovely moda fat quarter bundle called Mama said sew which is still in progress up on the design wall, waiting for a few more hexagons to be sewn together at home.  Its not quite there yet and I haven't been in the mood for it this week but I love looking at it whilst I work - and I just love the design wall it is so cool.  I really need to sew them together though, as each time I hoover my studio it blows a few off the wall.....

While I was making it though, I had a gorgeous delivery of some Art Gallery fabrics, which I very easily became distracted with, and very quickly put together a small quilt with large triangles to showcase the fabrics which was fast to make.  I seem to like making very geometric shape quilts just lately.   I have used some larger sashings so that I can quilt some lovely modern quilting on that solid grey. Although I think it will be quite some time before I have the time to quilt them, so off to the "to be quilted" pile they go. 

You may notice the asymmetry of this quilt, which I did not really take account of when I just threw it all together, and I really don't like it to look at so I think that I will be adding some appliqued half triangles to the large grey side areas on each side to balance it up.  Next time I will remember I need to have an odd number of triangles in each row to keep it symetrical ....  LOL - so watch this space with this one as I may just leave it and make use of those large areas for something different.  I already have some fun quilting ideas for this one too.  If you like the fabrics used on this quilt, I have some fat quarter bundles for sale too.

Cythias fairy quilts

Following on from my previous post, these lovely fairy quilts made with the popular fairy panels  were also made by Cynthia, and she chose a mustard gold coloured thread with a red backing fabric using the "petal pushers" design.

I think they look lovely and Cynthias nieces are sure to love these quilts.

The green fairy quilt was quilted with "fantasia" and a bright grass green thread.  I also added the binding on these two quilts to the fronts of the quilts so all that needed to be done to complete was to hand sew the binding down on the reverse.

Cynthias quilts

Cynthia is one of my students who attended my patchwork for beginners classes back in November as a refresher course because she has some previous experience from other classes too.

Here is the class project which we worked on which she decided to make slightly larger than the class project.   It is a simple square in a square design which is an ideal starting project.

Cynthia chose to have her quilt longarm quilted using her student discount which I offer to my students if they don't wish to finish quilting their quilt themselves.

She chose "poppies" and a copper coloured thread.   I love her choice of colours which look fab.  Well done Cynthia on a well made quilt which quilted out just lovely.

Santa Ana

It has been a while since my last post.  I have been pretty busy,  so not much time to blog.  I just downloaded my camera and was pretty surprised how many quilts I have not added to my blog.  So I will try and catch up a bit in the next couple of weeks.

This one was made with the little black dress range of fabrics by Moda, and was beautifully made by Elaine.  I love this fabric range, and Elaine chose the the Santa Ana design with a pale silver/taupe thread which was a good choice against the contrasts of blacks creams and greys.   This design is quite elegant and fits well with the elegant blacks and greys. 

Pebbles and swirls.... modern quilting

Most longarm quilters will agree that finding the time to fit in your own projects is tricky, but I managed to make some time for my own quilting over the holiday period, and quilted my sticks and bricks quilt (designed by Amy Walsh) that has been hanging in my studio waiting to be quilted for quite a few months now. 
After seeing many quilts in magazines and books lately quilted with random sized circles / pebbles over, which I really liked the look of, I originally wanted to quilt circles all over it, but thought it may be a bit too much and take way too long to quilt, so I separated it with wavy lines between the blocks and quilted pebbles and swirls alternating down the quilt. 
After quilting the first row of pebbles, I thought "Oh my God I am going to ruin my quilt..."  but started to relax a little after the second row.  After talking to a longarming friend (Hi Kay) she convinced me it was OK and I would love it when I took it off the frame which is often what happens - she was right and I absolutely love it.  Although if you are not a fan of dense quilting - look away now .....   LOL but it is my quilt and I think it looks great on our bed...
Even Ian my hubby likes it - previously he has always said "You just do the squiggly bit " meaning the quilting, he has now updated this to be well your quilt is "repaired fabric with squiggly bits on top "  husbands  really don't get our need to cut all the fabric into pieces only to sew it all back together again do they???
I used a 100% flat cotton wadding in this with the hope that when I wash it that it wrinkles up just how I like my quilt to wrinkle...  this is the first time I have used this particular wadding from Hantex, and it was lovely to quilt on and even though a fairly flat wadding, the quilt definition is great.  This is the back of my quilt and the solid grey fabric showcases the quilting even more.
So in the "modern quilting style" which seems to be all the rage at the moment, and taking inspiration particularly from Angela Walters I am very pleased with my resulting quilt. 


Happy New Year and a  belated Happy Christmas, hope you all had a nice relaxing holiday time with your families and friends.  Time just seemed to run out just before the Christmas holidays and has zoomed by while taking a break with my family..  it just seems like Christmas eve was yesterday !!

My husband surprised me with a Kindle Fire which I was not expecting so instead of sewing in my holiday as I had planned to do, I got engrossed on my Kindle instead ...  at least I have a pouch already made  (see my previous post),  so have hoisted out my laptop cable and am keeping my kindle protected from any knocks.

We had a lovely relaxing family Christmas and although we didn't seem to do that much, it was nice to be together and not have to do too much work.  We don't take many holidays and it is always nice to take time at Christmas and New Year.

Prior to the holidays though I finished a number of customer quilts, this one was a sample quilt made by June, which was sent to me in the post with instructions to quilt "Hearts in bloom"  I chose a plum/mauve backing fabric and thread and it turned out great.  It was a well made sample quilt in highly contrasting creams, blacks and purples.  Which would have also made a great quilt for some custom quilting too on the solid fabrics.  I was very pleased how it quilted with the higher contrast between thread and fabric which actually blended in quite nicely.

I have never actually made a sampler quilt, but when I see it in just three of four colours it is more appealing to me - maybe one day I will make one.... 

Custom Ferns and feathers

This lovely quilt was made by my customer Ann.  This quilt was an ideal candidate for some custom quilting, and I am glad that Ann agreed with me, as I would have struggled choosing thread and design for an allover on this beauty.

Ann requested a fern border, and ferns under the tree, and after seeing a quilt hanging in my studio, also requested some wavy crosshatching too.   The rest being left to my imagination ... but after some discussion with Ann if she liked the ideas.

It is all freehand quilting except for some ruler guided wavy crosshatching.

I quilted a fern border

Some swirls in the maple leaf block

Some feathers - this was the most time consuming block and there were four of them too !

The little square at each corner of this block is less than an inch and I fitted an entire feather form into it...  very carefully

I quilted back and forth looping lines in the background fabric as not much was going to show on this dark textured batik.  I love the effect it has given it though.  I used the same effect on the leaves of the tree in the light blue areas lifting up the darker areas.  It would have more effect with a puffier wadding, but Ann preffered to use warm and natural which is a fairly flat wadding.  

My interpretation of ferns on each side under the tree

and tree bark too:

A swirly ferny block

A basket block

And wavy crosshatching

Leftovers.... don't throw them away...

My quilting friends and my husband too, laugh at me when I save the little pieces from when I am cutting out a project.  Well at the weekend, I decided to quilt them all up into small projects and bind them.

So never throw those pieces away, as there is always something you can make with the leftovers.

I had some fun this weekend.  After putting our Christmas decorations up we didn't feel like the trek into town in the rain for more Christmas shopping so I had some fun with  my sewing machine instead.  (I know I should have been Christmas shopping though !!!)

They weren't 100% straight strips that were left over from my Christmas quilt, but I sewed them all together and trimmed it into a rectangle, and made a larger pouch.  It is about 8" x 9" and it took me a while to think about what I could put in it...  and decided that I could use it for my laptop cable !!!  it is always getting tangled up in my laptop bag.  It was also a good tester for some new variegated thread in a thicker 30 weight before using it on a large project.  It would have had a better effect on solid fabric though as it blended over these fabricsIt did show better on the darker green smaller pouch though.  I got a bit carried away and tested a bit more .... and ended up with a couple of smaller pouches too which were good for practice freehand pebbles and feathers too.  They were still quilted on my longarm machine though and the binding probably took longer than the piecing and quilting combined...

I also managed to finish piecing my blocks for my Christmas quilt too which are now up on my design wall waiting to be pieced together once I am happy with the placement...  which I keep changing now and then... I wish I had paid more attention to the four patch colours...

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