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Blue friendship braid

Posted on September 25, 2012 at 5:53 PM Comments comments (110)
This gorgeous friendship braid has been made by my customer Helen, and she has beautifully graduated the colours from light to dark from the centre radiating to the top and the bottom of the quilt.  It is a stunning quilt.
Helen chose the "Halcyon" design, and it is the first time I have quilted it.  It looks fantastic and I am really pleased with the scale of the design in relation to the size of the quilt (93x95) 
Helen chose a matching blue thread, and although in the photographs I have taken, you can't see the quilting too much,  I only have overhead lighting where my frame is which doesn't pick up the quilting texture too much, and this one was pretty big Icouldn't lay it out anywhere else, but you can see the quilting design much better on the backing fabric.